Working Towards Finding My Niche – Part 1


There is so much talk about in the realms of having a niche whether this is on Instagram or within your blogging, video work and I get it. You get known for what you do. This also works with so many other trades. If you want to find an accountant you type it into the search engine, to niche it even more you type in the area where you live. It makes complete sense. But it can also be difficult in finding your niche.

It brings me back to a chat with my family I had a while back. Imagine being that one kid in a hundred that knew exactly what they wanted to be when they grew up. And doing it. And actually enjoying it for their whole career. That notion simply amazes me. It also amazes me that I haven’t met anyone in my life that has done just that.

People, as people do, evolve. They also aren’t just ONE thing. People are a range of things and enjoy multiple aspects of life so it becomes difficult (and where I have especially found it hard) to choose just one of the many things that makes up a varied life.

There are many bloggers that clearly define themselves and their content and have found what they love to speak about. Travel Bloggers are one of these niches. They experience, educate and entertain their audiences with places they have visited and even when they are spending time at home they are writing about places they would love to visit or ‘how to plan a trip to …’ or ‘what to pack on a trip to…’ Similarly, book bloggers. I have seen many where their Instagram pages are full of beautifully full book shelves or inspirational quotes from characters. They know what their interest is and they run with it.

Home Renovation niche


Too right, why? Why should I feel the need to only write about one or two topics? Why can’t I write about everything that I enjoy? Well I could but it wouldn’t grow in the same way. Why should someone keep returning to see what I have written when they don’t know what to expect? I wouldn’t want to visit a travel company website and find that they’re talking about the latest fashion trend or a type of pet food. You want to know that wherever you are going you know what you’re going for. That way whatever mood you are in or if you want a certain piece of information, boom, you’re in the right place.

It also links to that good old saying ‘jack of all trades and master of none’.

So, How Am I Finding and Narrowing My Niche?

I couldn’t decide what I wanted my niche to be so I made like the true Virgo I am and wrote a list. It went like this;

  • Renovating our first home
  • Mia our chocolate labrador
  • Disney, the brand and holidays
  • Reading books and reviewing
  • Fitness, health and wellbeing
  • High end and luxury clothes, style
  • Skincare and beauty products
  • Travelling to beautiful destinations
  • Visiting places in the UK
  • Arts and crafts
  • Spa visits, reviews and skincare brands

That’s a LOT of things to talk about right? It would also be a lot of information to sift through when trying to find the blog post that you want to read and while everyone is out there having aesthetically pleasing Instagram grids mine would be like an explosion in a paint factory (and not in a good way). I’m leaving it there for now but Part 2 will be up soon!

Ways I’m Bringing Travel Into Our Home

Kitchen Project

We try to go away, visit somewhere new or take a weekend trip to a familiar place a few time throughout the year. This depends on what budget we have at the time and what holidays we have available with work and so on. Of course, when we aren’t away we spend a lot of our time at home. We have lived in our house for around 5 years now and I don’t think I will ever stop decorating or finding some kind of DIY job and because of this we will never be finished. Even though we are at home I enjoy bringing little bits or places we have been to inside. They can either spark memories of things we have seen and done or inspire more trips. I decided to put this little list together with some of the items we have brought in to our house and a few that I would love to include one day.


We have quite a few of these in our house. Our Kitchen has developed a Lake District print theme and we purchased these on a trip a couple of years back. We have visited both of the places they represent and they go perfectly with our blue chairs, win win. In this genre we also have a drawing of the Arc De Triomphe which I love in our living room. This was a car boot purchase for 20p(!) so a very cost effective way of bringing the travel memories home. Last but not least is our Venice print from Pretty in Prints. We had recently returned from our Venice holiday when I saw this on their Instagram page.

Decorative Items 

Our Bakewell Pudding Mini Crate and Paris tray sit nicely in this idea. These mini crates were very popular at one point but I hadn’t seen a Bakewell one until we visited Belper one day (I know not quite the right place!) We love the Derbyshire town so I had to make the purchase.

The wooden painted Paris tray was a gift. I’m pretty sure again this was in the wrong location as it was bought from a shop in Switzerland I believe. It is two of my favourite colours and its a bit beaten now (I even dug it out of a bag once as my husband had tried throwing it away) but I love the design and images reminding me of places we’ve been.

Holiday Photos

This is probably the most expensive way to get travel items in your home because you need to actually go on the holiday to get the photo. Photoshop not allowed for this one I’m afraid. You can’t risk a new friend popping over and asking you all about your trip to Japan because she caught sight of you in a photo in the hallway. These can certainly bring back memories of trips and experiences remembering being in that exact spot.   

I also have an idea on my wishlist and of course it had to be food and drink related. I love trying to recreate a meal at home that we loved whilst we were away somewhere. An Italian inspired risotto or an attempt at chimney cake from Budapest just binging meal inspiration home. I must admit cooking is not my strong suit so I am sticking with a beverage idea instead. We visited The Lakes Gin Distillery a while back and I would love to order a couple of bottles to remind us of that time and the location.

Have you got any travel inspired pieces in your home? What would you add?

Victoria Magrath and I at the Thomas Sabo Event

My Top 6 Inspiring Content Creators


This title went from three to five to ten and then to six. It is so had to narrow down all of the Youtubers, Instagram feeds and top bosses that I have been watching for the past few years but I’ve stuck to the ones I’ve been watching the longest and wouldn’t miss a video.

1. Patricia Bright. This woman is a Boss. I love her for her content on The Break Platform, it’s honest and it gives us the financial information we don’t get taught anywhere else. From buying a house to making money on YouTube Patricia gives an in depth, good and bad perspective with no frills.

2. Zoe Sugg. What hasn’t she done? Carving the path for generations after her she is one of the OG’s. Previously bringing out multiple books, merchandise, beauty products and homeware and even being on Bake Off,

3. Elayna Caruso. Sorry to my BFF but you’ve been replaced. An absolute travel inspiration as well as showing life as a mum, a boss and living life doing what you love whilst being a caring and considerate person. Having a merch range among a couple of YouTube channels there’s a lot going on. Now just looking forward to the swimwear range and whatever else happens to come from SLV.

4. Lydia Millen. Having been an avid watcher since their previous home it’s great to have seen the growth, brand partnerships and even hear through podcasts the business decisions Lydia makes and doesn’t talk about. Brave and strong throughout with a humbleness about her.

5. Louise Pentland. Mum of two, author of two*, homeowner of two and now getting into the world of television. Down to earth and not afraid to tell you if you’re being a twit (in the nicest way possible that anyone could do ever). Side note: I met her once and was an absolute loooooser but she was LOVELY.

6. Victoria Mcgrath. Fashion force Bringing out bag collaborations and travel accessories, writing books and now the faintest scent of a fashion line fingers crossed. Hardworking and someone you just want to be best friends with. Again, lucky enough to go to an event with Victoria there and she was completely inspirational.

I could go on and on Jamie Genevieve, Vix Meldrew, Beth Sandland. They are different and definitely inspiring in their own way but I shall not go on forever. Let me know who yours are?

Until next time,

L x

Where I Find Inspiration


I love writing. There is no doubt about that and I have done for as long as I remember. At school I would write stories and have to delete half to make it fit the word count, even now it’s no different and I’ll realise half way down a blog post I’ve talked away and not actually got to what I wanted to say, here I go again.

I wanted to put down a list of where I find some of my inspiration for blog posts and hopefully help others/ come back to it in the future if I ever get writers block, so here it is.

1. Go outside. Looking at the same four walls isn’t a natural source of newness and creativity. Images can get stale in the mind so a bit of fresh air and a change of scenery helps me a lot, probably most out of this list.

2. Seeing others’ creativity. I’m inspired by other people breaking the mould, trying something different and watching YouTube or being on instagram catches my imagination. There is a niche for everything nowadays and you’re never too far from a new artist, seeing an inspiring video or reading something created by someone else.

3. Reading. As much as I love to write I also love to read. Anything and everything. I think the easiest books for me to read are in short, chick-lit. I absorb them within a matter of days and then onto the next. This being so a book let’s me take my imagination out there without leaving my house. One of my favourite reads lately ‘Still Me’ by Jojo Moyes took me to New York, another By Katie Fforde called ‘Escape to the Country’ let me learn about cheese making and farm living. Two completely different scenarios and I didn’t have to change from my pyjamas.

I shall leave it there for now (or I’ll be rabbiting on all day) and add some more soon. Until then, what helps inspire you?

Until next time,

L x