Benefits Of Knowing Your Style


I had a conversation recently that really got me thinking. If there is one thing I can talk continuously about its homes, houses and decor and this conversation was no different but what really stuck out to me is how it made me think about my own style afterwards. I then noticed this when scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest at home inspiration and colour schemes and even looking at my own Instagram grid. 

I’ve a couple of friends that KNOW their style and it makes so much sense. They like country-esque designs, mixed with wood and stick to a colour scheme. Others have a strong colour palette of greys and tan mixing modern and country but with similar colours following each room it gives a sense of flow and consistency.

It makes for a strong base. 

If you know your style, each room in your house will have a great flow to it. When one room is similar to the next you can go through to each without a disruption in tone or mood. I notice this strongly in my own home at the minute. When we have guests round I prefer to stay in the kitchen/diner as it’s bright and feels uncluttered. At the moment the living room is half decorated and is in complete distracting contrast that if we were to move company into the living room it becomes darker and more compact. This shows the importance of a house that flows comfortably from one room to another and not just when having guests round. You want to love your space wherever you are in your home and to help this being sure of your style is ideal.

It makes purchases easier. 

And I mean this for both purchases made by yourself for your home and referring to gifts from friends and family. If you see something you love you don’t have to think ‘Where will this fit in my home?’ If you love it and you have a similar colour scheme and style running through the item could go in any room. There have been plenty of times when I have seen something and loved it but haven’t known where it will fit in my home so it was left, or worse purchased anyway and unused.

Less likely to change it.

If your whole joke follows your taste and style you’re probably less likely to change it. If you like and enjoy being in each room you don’t tend to find fault or constantly wish you could redecorate it. You’ll be less influenced by how others have decorated (unless you decide to redo the whole house) because you like the way you’ve designed your space and you’re comfortable in it.

Evaluating my own style.

I am forever changing my mind when it comes to home decor. I have realised that in the past I have taken too many different opinions on board when making a decision for something that is going in my home. I am also quite easily convinced that something will work which never bodes well when making a large purchase. Now I know this of course, I am planning on changing my ways.

The one thing that I have always known is that I like white. Whereas some people may find it cold or boring I find it calming and a blank canvas to add to. Liking white does make it difficult when decorating as the elephant (or dog) in the room is the fact we have a chocolate labrador so some compromise does have to be made.

I also am easily swayed by a good home trend. Grey walls? We’ll have them! Moving to Taupe? No problem! Patterned paper and black skirting? Pass me the brush! Like I said, easily influenced.

I am however starting to realise that actually living with something is different to seeing it look great on social media and we each have our own individual style and limitations of what we want to see every day whilst making it functional. For an example, if I put up a dark floral patterned wall after a few months I’d paint over it with a neutral shade, yet love seeing it in other homes. Similarly if I had nothing but cream through my whole house I’d get bored and want to add a bright blue wall somewhere.

With that in mind it’s clearly all about finding your own style, making your own decisions and filling your home with your own vibe.

Do you agree? I share more of my home on Instagram if you want to come and chat (and see the constant changes I make).

Early Bird vs Night Owl

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Before going any further which one are you?

Throughout my younger years and mid-20’s I was categorically a night owl. I would stay awake watching Netflix and sometimes stay up even after my husband had gone to bed, simply because I wasn’t tired.

I was never a morning person even when my husband would attempt to wake me up to go on a run at 6am, I wasn’t a morning person even an hour (or two) after having that morning cup of tea and I certainly wasn’t a morning person whenever I was awoken by Mia, our chocolate labrador, decided she wanted an early breakfast – which is almost every day.

As you may be able to tell from the above it was my husband that was the morning person and loved to rise with the sun and say things like ‘the early bird catches the worm’ or something similar that is supposed to help. This has actually now flipped a little and it is me that heads to bed around 9pm, stirs the next day at 5:45am and is ready to go downstairs by 6am to make that first brew of the day.

I completely understand that there is a huge difference to this in Summer and Winter and I may revert back to my previous self, staying up until 11pm and not feeling myself until 11am the following day, however I will try my upmost to stick to the routine that I have currently been doing.

9pm – I tend to go to bed and read or listen to a Headspace ’Sleepcast’. When reading it usually takes me around half an hour to fall asleep as my mind is still whirring for a little while after.

I find I sleep better after we have taken the dog for an evening walk or I have exercised earlier on in the day and a good nights rest does help me to feel fresh and provide me with a go-get-em attitude. I would love the keep the pattern going to become an early bird for the foreseeable future.

Don’t forget, let me know which one you are and we’ll chat about it. I’m also on Instagram @lorenjessica_ if you want to chat over there too.

Reviewing my hydrating travel essentials and a few things I learnt about skincare

My Travel Beauty Essentials and a Few Life Lessons


This post contains affiliate links.

To put this post across properly I am going to have to relive two of my top painful holiday beauty moments. And I mean painful. That is why I have some strong do’s and dont’s for myself now I am old (and hopefully wiser) for when I think skincare either abroad or even on a UK staycation. 

Let us first go through the things that I simply have to pack when I am away. I have a dehydrated skin type and this can get worse or improve depending on the environment. 

Warm weather = drinking more water/juice = hydrated. 

Cold weather = more hot tea and coffee = dehydrating.

No matter where I go or what the weather though I always take a face moisturiser. If we are travelling somewhere cold or taking a UK trip I may pack more. Although it does lean towards the pricey side for a product the Elemis S.O.S Cream is my all time favourite. Years ago when I first started using it, it was in my mums collection and we had been told to use it as a spot cream. It was only when I read the product after I had made a purchase myself a few years after that I found out its intended use was for hydration purposes. Classic lesson learnt there – always read the instructions. Whilst I am waiting to repurchase the S.O.S Cream I am using these mini’s that were given to me by a friend. I didn’t really understand the purposes of a mist before but for that little hydration through the day I am now loving it.

Elemis Mini Travel Size Products

For my face, moisturiser is always closely followed by a high SPF and since last year I have loved The Body Shop® Skin Defence SPF 50+PA++++ which has pretty much only recently come back in stock. On a shopping trip before last I did have to purchase The Body Shop® Vitamin C with SPF 30 PA++++ which is a great product and I would repurchase as it gives me that glow I am always after but I am glad that the original has returned as it has the higher SPF.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF and Vitamin C SPF

Now are we ready for an uneducated/unthinking mistake? I once went on holiday with my best friend. For some reason we hadn’t a moisturiser between the two of us and my skin was definitely drying from too much sun that week. What I had thought to bring with me though was The Sanctuary Body Lotion, so in my naive way, thought that would do the same job. I took a 50p size blob onto my hand and promptly slapped it on my cheeks to soothe my dry skin. IT HURT. Oh Wow it hurt. I washed it off almost immediately but even still had to sit with a cool damp flannel covering my whole face for what must have been hours in the afternoon. What did I learn from that experience? Body lotion is nothing at all the same as face moisturiser.

M & S Ragdale Hall Lavender Hand Cream

The last thing on my list has to be something to help me sleep at night and I am obsessed with anything that smells like lavender. Last Christmas I was gifted a Marks and Spencers Ragdale Hall Gift Set which included the Sleep Lavender Hand Cream. Not only does it have a great scent but it also moisturisers my dry hands as I get some rest. As my years increase (hello almost 30 here) I understand more and more the importance of staying hydrated, both inside and out. When my hands are suffering from dryness it can literally look like my hands are 30 years older than the rest of me. It’s uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing and why I appreciate a good, moisturising hand cream.

What are your beauty skincare essentials?

Country Lane

Starting a Mindful Routine

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In a couple of weeks I’m going to be able to find my own routine. For a long while I’ve not been in a position where I have been able to say ‘I will do this every day’ or ‘I will attend this class every week’. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you see it) I am a creature of habit and need some form of routine even if this is just at the beginning of the week or having something to look forward to at the end of the week. My mental health has taken a decline over the past few months and this comes in early forms of anxiety and self neglect and I am confident that some form of routine and dedicated time for ‘self care’ will help as well as counselling time. In a few days time I can happily say I will be able to do this so I have been planning a routine and collating the things that I have so far found helps me.

1. Meditation. It’s not all ‘ummm-ing’ and ‘ahhh-ing’ and I use it to take a moment to get back to grips with how my body feels and to get my brain back to focusing. I use the Headspace app for when I need a guided meditation and have also practiced a couple of tips for when I need to take a minute out and about.

2. Exercise. I know it sounds like such a cliche but it works for me and others I have spoken to. For that session I am focused on my workout and the music I’m listening to and there’s a lot to be said for the link between science and hormones. A work routine will allow me to say I will attend a Pilates, Aqua or Yoga session at the same time every week, meet people, get fit, stay focused for that time and get an endorphin buzz.

3. Bath and a book. Reading has always been a form of relaxation for me and getting into a warm bath knowing that that time is going to be spent taking a moment for me is something I can look forward to at the end of a busy week (or on a grey Monday/hump Wednesday or any other time I wanted to plan it in).

4. Dog walking. Taking a breath of fresh air, stretching my legs and knowing I have done something that the pooch will also love makes me very happy. Mia gets me outside, maybe saying hello to another human being/another dog and I come back from a walk feeling refreshed and motivated to keep going rather than sitting, procrastinating or just pottering with no real intention around the house.

A couple of other things I intend to add to this list is more financial management and sitting down on a Sunday evening and planning the week ahead to include workouts, meals and quality time with my husband. I’ll keep a track of my mood and experiences and check in over the next few months. If you have any tips or experience of your own to add please get in touch either here or over on Instagram.

Until next time,

L x