Reviewing My 30 before 30 List


Well this is a tough one. I recently wrote a 30 before 30 list, ya know before everything, thinking I had from January until September to fit tonnes of activities in, days out and travel experiences in. As the current situations stands it does not look like we are going to be exploring a new place or treading familiar paths anytime soon, which is fine, it just makes me want to evaluate my previous list, and change it a little. So with this in mind, it won’t be a 30 before 30 list anymore, it will be a ‘When Lockdown Has Fully Lifted and It Is Completely Safe To Go Out’ list or the ‘WLHFLAIICSTGO’ list whichever rolls off the tongue easier. 

  1. Disneyland Paris Trip – as you may be aware we had our Walt Disney World Florida holiday cancelled due to the lockdown and as it may be off the cards for a while I would love to visit Disneyland Paris as soon as possible. 
  2. Head into Derbyshire on the motorbike. As passenger on the back of my husbands motorbike to be more precise. Spending the day drinking tea and cake in Bakewell, having some chips in Matlock Bath and take a walk around Chatsworth. 
  3. Visit friends in London. And hopefully go decorate some biscuits at Biscuiteers or go and do The Crystal Maze experience with the husbands.
  4. Go to Birmingham with my sister. Go shopping in the Bullring and watch a film at the Luxe cinema there. 
  5. Treat myself to a spa session.(It will be for my birthday after all.) I would love to have an overnight stay in a spa hotel and get to fully relax with some treatments and a sauna session.
  6. Take a friend to afternoon tea. Preferably somewhere we haven’t been before to have a catch up and eat all of the cake they have under those glass domes along with plenty of sandwiches of course.
  7. Spend a weekend in the Lake District. Take a tour around The Lakes Gin Distillery and go on plenty of long walks -not in that order though.

For now that is it. I think apart from seeing family, which will be first on the agenda when it is safe to do so, they are the places that I have missed the most over the past few weeks. I also read a book recently ‘The List That Changed My Life’ which had a similar narrative of things to do before the character reached 30. Completely different to my list however inspiring all the same.

You might also notice that there aren’t 30 anymore. Due to the shorter amount of time and the fact it will be September before we know it I have had to narrow it down. This hasn’t bothered me to be honest, I might not be able to get 30 things in but I may get other events in that are completely unplanned but that I am 100% grateful for. An impromptu picnic or an evening spent with friends at a great restaurant, sometime the best times are the surprise ones, what do you think?

Have you had to alter any plans or experiences? Or create a new ’30 before 30’ list?

Chocolate labrador dog in the Lake District

Camping With Dogs


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Last Autumn we went on a group holiday with two friends and their adorable cockapoo. We planned on keeping our trip to the Lake District fairly cheap and decided to camp or ‘glamp’ in yurts for the week.

Camping with a pooch isn’t all new to me. We used to take our family German Shepherd camping for the weekend but I can’t say I was a responsible adult at the time (still not sure, jokes) and don’t remember the whole ‘letting out’, ‘stopping barking’, ‘escaping under the door’ details.

Tents are a little odd sometimes. You’re basically in an open field miles from nowhere without a lock on your front door. You wouldn’t do it on your house so I have no idea why we do it or not on our tents. Apparently we’re more trustworthy in the wild. This also proves problematic when you add a dog to the mix as most tents zip to the floor and a dog can figure out once the nose is under the canvas it can probably wiggle right out. Locks can be added if there are two zips on the door, just make sure you know the code/have the keys when you do that first unzip and run to the loos first thing in the morning.

We are lucky Mia either doesn’t know how to escape or that she doesn’t want to but I’ve seen other dogs behave differently. A friends’ dog we went camping with wanted to be with mum and he would go through the tent door at any time she was away, the lock on the door was a rope that you slipped over a wooden ground peg.

Chocolate labrador in the great outdoors

Although not a runner Mia does tend to get up on her high horse about every noise outside. Whether it’s as simple as a look up towards the noise or a bark to let any dangerous intruder/random normal passer-by know we are in there she is all about the alertness. It’s great for us and we know our backs are covered but it can get a little noisy first thing. With Mia in this situation reassurance is key.

I’ll be doing some more on dog holidays soon but if you’re yet to catch up see my dog packing blog post or for something a little more glam than camping try a Weekend in the Cotswolds.

Until next time,

L x

Breakfast table at Lane Head Country Farm Guest House

Lane Head Farm


Our 2 night stay on this trip was gifted but all opinions are my own.

The sun is shining and it’s making me want to plan another adventure up in the Lake District. If you haven’t already make sure to read my previous post on day 1 in Troutbeck and catch up on our visit to Aira Force and our wonderful accommodation at Lane Head Farm.

After another hearty English breakfast at Lane Head Farm and Country Guest House we packed the car up and off we went for the day.

We had heard from our b&b hosts that The Lakes Gin Distillery was only a short drive away so I definitely wanted to visit there before we left. On every trip to the Lake District so far I have managed to bring something back and most of the time it is mini gins for friends and family and always from The Lakes Distillery brand. As it was lunchtime we were a little peckish but with the large breakfast still maintaining our strength I chose to go for a chocolate tart and coffee. Mr C chose a cheese platter and we sat to enjoy the relaxing yet jovial setting. The food was wonderful and looked as appetising as it was. After a bite to eat we visited the on site shop where I simply had to get a branded tumbler. I mean I didn’t have to but I had to.

We took another stroll on our second day too. We had done the same walk with friends previously but somehow managed to get lost and miss our ferry back, (I know, don’t ask) so thought we should probably do the actual route. I wanted a steady walk with the distance but not the height and so that’s what we did at the bottom of Catbells. There were open spaces for Mia to run around – meeting plenty of dogs on the wayand as always, plenty of surrounding views. We made it to a fantastic spot on the lake where we spent a fair while before turning around. There’s something about being in nature with the water and the greenery that is so relaxing that everyone should visit a similar place if they can.

Lake District Dog Walk

It was sadly time to head home after our antics but not without first nipping back to Lane Head Farm and Country house to say goodbye and a huge thank you to our wonderful hosts for the weekend. I honestly couldn’t recommend the b&b enough and we will certainly be back soon.

Until next time,

L x

Winter in Windermere


In April 2016 we planned a trip to Windermere over Easter. My partner proposed to me on this break so it became a place that meant something to both of us. As a surprise Christmas getaway my now fiancé booked us into the Lyth Valley Country Inn for a relaxed weekend away.

On arrival to the Inn we were greeted with Christmas trees and decorations that made our welcome feel very cosy. We had afternoon tea on arrival consisting of a scone and coffees, just what was needed from a 3 hour drive and the drizzliness outside. They lit the fire, it was quiet outside and we felt immediately relaxed and very cosy.

When we arrived we were also told we had been upgraded and this would be music to anyone’s ears surely? Our room was decorated with blue tartan upholstery, wooden furniture and of course, a Christmas tree! The room was what we named “The Duck Room”, I’m not sure if this was its official title but it had duck photos on the walls so it seemed fitting.

Breakfast at the Inn was beautiful on both days. The first day we tried the bacon and maple syrup pancakes and Full English and the second day poached egg and salmon, along with the continental breakfast that was laid out. The evenings meals were also delicious, the photos can not and do not do them justice.

On our full day in the Lake District we visited Ambleside and Windermere. Both were places we had visited before so knew where to head and love both for their quirky shops, their gift shops and of course their outdoor gear shops. My favourite gift shop from the weekend was Love the Lakes where we bought some Christmas presents and of course, a little something for ourselves.

Sunday was our return home day but not before we visited Manchester Trafford Centre for some Christmas shopping. I didn’t realise how big it was and we had to have a Five Guys stop (no complaints here) before we carried on.

If you have visited the Lake District or any other part of the countryside you have enjoyed, tell me about it, I’m sure I’ll want to visit.

Until next time,

L x