Reviewing my hydrating travel essentials and a few things I learnt about skincare

My Travel Beauty Essentials and a Few Life Lessons


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To put this post across properly I am going to have to relive two of my top painful holiday beauty moments. And I mean painful. That is why I have some strong do’s and dont’s for myself now I am old (and hopefully wiser) for when I think skincare either abroad or even on a UK staycation. 

Let us first go through the things that I simply have to pack when I am away. I have a dehydrated skin type and this can get worse or improve depending on the environment. 

Warm weather = drinking more water/juice = hydrated. 

Cold weather = more hot tea and coffee = dehydrating.

No matter where I go or what the weather though I always take a face moisturiser. If we are travelling somewhere cold or taking a UK trip I may pack more. Although it does lean towards the pricey side for a product the Elemis S.O.S Cream is my all time favourite. Years ago when I first started using it, it was in my mums collection and we had been told to use it as a spot cream. It was only when I read the product after I had made a purchase myself a few years after that I found out its intended use was for hydration purposes. Classic lesson learnt there – always read the instructions. Whilst I am waiting to repurchase the S.O.S Cream I am using these mini’s that were given to me by a friend. I didn’t really understand the purposes of a mist before but for that little hydration through the day I am now loving it.

Elemis Mini Travel Size Products

For my face, moisturiser is always closely followed by a high SPF and since last year I have loved The Body Shop® Skin Defence SPF 50+PA++++ which has pretty much only recently come back in stock. On a shopping trip before last I did have to purchase The Body Shop® Vitamin C with SPF 30 PA++++ which is a great product and I would repurchase as it gives me that glow I am always after but I am glad that the original has returned as it has the higher SPF.

The Body Shop Skin Defence SPF and Vitamin C SPF

Now are we ready for an uneducated/unthinking mistake? I once went on holiday with my best friend. For some reason we hadn’t a moisturiser between the two of us and my skin was definitely drying from too much sun that week. What I had thought to bring with me though was The Sanctuary Body Lotion, so in my naive way, thought that would do the same job. I took a 50p size blob onto my hand and promptly slapped it on my cheeks to soothe my dry skin. IT HURT. Oh Wow it hurt. I washed it off almost immediately but even still had to sit with a cool damp flannel covering my whole face for what must have been hours in the afternoon. What did I learn from that experience? Body lotion is nothing at all the same as face moisturiser.

M & S Ragdale Hall Lavender Hand Cream

The last thing on my list has to be something to help me sleep at night and I am obsessed with anything that smells like lavender. Last Christmas I was gifted a Marks and Spencers Ragdale Hall Gift Set which included the Sleep Lavender Hand Cream. Not only does it have a great scent but it also moisturisers my dry hands as I get some rest. As my years increase (hello almost 30 here) I understand more and more the importance of staying hydrated, both inside and out. When my hands are suffering from dryness it can literally look like my hands are 30 years older than the rest of me. It’s uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing and why I appreciate a good, moisturising hand cream.

What are your beauty skincare essentials?

Tech,my camera, phone, kindle, apple watch

My Top Tech Travel Essentials


Let’s get straight to the point shall we? Tech is taking over, we have become to use it daily, hourly and in some cases we are probably using some form of technology for most of the minutes in our day. I find myself relying on technology to communicate with people I don’t see regularly, I rely on it to keep me up to date with news and goings on and even crazier this total book lover uses it to read from. I’ve created a little list of the basics that I am using more and more in my everyday life.

Battery Pack. We’ve got a range of these in the house but I was given this larger one for Christmas a couple of years ago. It holds plenty of charge so works well for my phone or camera when I’m away for a short stay away.

Phone Charger. For when we are back at the hotel and can use their charging points and it helps to save the battery pack for when we are out during the day.

Camera. Yes our phones have cameras but I like to switch it up every now and again and take a wider shot or this camera has a great vlogging screen, you know, for future reference.

Phone. Camera to get those quick snaps/communication for when I get lost on the way back from the loo/maps for when I get lost in general/messages for when I’m lost and can’t talk in public/video for entertainment when I’m waiting for hubby to come find me because I’m lost/ you get the idea

Watch. They aren’t just for telling the time these days are they? My Apple Watch was a birthday present from my husband and I love it. Answering calls and making sure I never miss one has become easier, especially when I’m at work away from my phone. It logs my movement activity without me pressing anything and is good for logging dedicated exercise, great for when I’m doing the Parkrun.

The Kindle. Because there isn’t another way I can carry multiple books, I would end up paying for another suitcase.

Charger cables. With all of this tech I have to make sure I’ve got the correct charging cables for each device and a plug or two.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t travel with this much ALL THE TIME but on longer holidays where we’ll have a bit of downtime in the room it’s nice to have a few books to read, pictures to go through and the rest of it.

Is there anything you would add?

Until next time,

L x