Having Our Cancelled Disney Holiday At Home

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Today we should have been enjoying the rides and meeting characters at Walt Disney World. Like many people at this time our holiday has been cancelled for the health of hundreds. Instead of this time passing by I have decided for the next two weeks, as that would have been our holiday length, that I will carry on the Disney vibes ay home.

Our days will be filled with films on Disney+ and as much Disney style food as I can make at home in the UK with essential shopping trips, that’s the tricky one. Also I am still trying to figure out how to build a rollercoaster on the garden (don’t worry I’m only half joking).

Yesterday we kicked our ‘holiday’ off by watching Inside Out, closely followed by Riley’s First Date. We had never seen it before and the other half said it had become one of his favourites. I also posted this picture on Instagram to start the journey over there too so come and join me if you can!

So keep your eyes peeled and get in touch if your Disney holiday has also been delayed. We are definitely still going once able and with a little more saving time and planning we will hopefully be able to make our visit even better!

Planning Our Next Trip – To Where?


I’ll start this post by saying our ‘next trip’ would have been Walt Disney World Florida and I have written plenty about that here. It is unfortunate that we can’t go as planned but we aren’t the only ones and it is for the best at this time. That does not stop us from planning our future Disney trip and plenty of others that we would love to do too.

For the last two years we have enjoyed a Winter holiday with our friends and their adorable cockapoo, Ares. At first we spent our time in Yurts in the Lake District with the second in a hotel in the Cotswolds. These breaks (as they would with dogs) are largely spent on walks or in dog friendly pubs. As the world might be back travelling come Autumn/Winter a dog friendly break will be more than welcome. I would love to see Scotland or even get on the channel tunnel and head to France depending on when and cost.

If we are not able to safely travel until next year then we will definitely be thinking about rebooking our Florida holiday. This will depend on Disney’s most popular times, (we wouldn’t want to pick a highly popular date) holidays available at work and how much flights and hotels will be in the new year.

Travelling in Derbyshire

I already know my husband really wants to get back to the Lake District. He’s a walking kinda guy and misses the great outdoors after a while. Before we drop a lot of money on a bigger holiday we may have to plan a weekend break up in the Lakes to involve plenty of walks, fresh air and good food. 

This also goes for the Peak District. We are lucky enough to live within a couple of hours drive of the Peak District so this will be a day trip for us, most likely on the motorbike as it will need a run after being stood for so long. 

That is it for now. From the above we have possible trip ideas for a day, a weekend, a week and a fortnight. When all this is over we will hopefully be healthy and in a position to travel again to one (or all) of the options above.

Do you have any travel wish lists?

How I’m Still ‘Travel Blogging’ From Home


Travel blogging from home, what does that look like, what does it mean? Well, it means that I’m making all the plans and locating all of the best spots and it looks like me but sat down at my kitchen table (probably my new favourite spot) rather than be out and in it. Don’t get me wrong being out and immersed in it is my preference but in these times and with the current worldwide situation that is just not possible.

With this in mind I have created a list of places I would love to visit and a detailed plan of what I would do whilst I am there, you know, if I can go in the future. I will be posting one of these per day alongside any usual content that I’ve planned.

Walks in Derbyshire
Millers Dale and Chee Dale walk in Derbyshire

There is also a lot of content from trips and experiences that I have never written about. Memories in my head and photos stored away. They can all come out and be shown the light of day if there is a nationwide lockdown.

As well as planning to the nth degree I will also be taking the pooch out when and where possible whilst always keeping that social and safe distance and getting in the garden as much as possible. And you never know there is always a little lifestyle blogging that I could do.

If you want to catch up on some Days Out or Short Breaks, feel free.

So that’s it. The ways I am planning on still being a travel blogger and not actually doing the travelling part. More the travelled or wishful traveller.

Until next time,

L x

Having a farm shop picnic in Montepulciano

Italian Travel Diaries – Montepulciano

Italian Travel Diaries, TRAVEL

Having been to Tuscany twice now, once on our honeymoon and once with family, we have managed to visit Montepulciano multiple times. One our first visit we went back two or three times before we even realised that there was a whole other part of town we hadn’t yet explored. During our second holiday to the area we were slightly more seasoned and were ready with more of what we wanted to see and where we wanted to go.

One of our favourite spots in Montepulciano is the balcony of Caffe Poliziano. Walking through the cafe restaurant you can sit at the back looking over the fields enjoying a drink and some dessert treats. They have a large glass cabinet of mini desserts and patisserie treats that at the time cost between 1 – 4 euro each. It is a relaxing spot with a luxury feel and we will no doubt be going on our trip to the town.

Sat on the balcony outside Caffe Poliziano in Montepulciano

My next spot again includes food funnily enough. This time in the form of a picnic. Hiring a car on our honeymoon meant we were able to go just outside of Montepulciano to a farm shop where you could pick a basket of meats, cheese, bread and wine and sit outside. This is up there as one of my favourite experiences from our honeymoon as it was just relaxed, easy and had beautiful views.

Another experience we got to do on our second visit to Tuscany was wine tasting. Down in the cellars at Cantina Fattoria della Talosa we got to see the barrels of wine and hear what made each wine different to the next. We also got to hear about the history of the site which was said to be the oldest in the area to include a visit to the caves and of course taste the local wine and eat the meats and cheeses alongside it. It was here I decided to bring a bottle home for my parents as a ‘thanks for looking after the dog’ gift.

Anytime we go to Tuscany now we will always visit Montepulciano and my husband says the town is one of his favourites, as with most places in Italy the food anywhere we go is amazing and here is no different. Pizza, pasta, bread and wine is all I ask for in any restaurant so I’m always happy in Italy.

If you havent already check out my other Italian Travel Diaries posts and see more of Montalcino and Venice.

Until next time,

L x

Tech,my camera, phone, kindle, apple watch

My Top Tech Travel Essentials


Let’s get straight to the point shall we? Tech is taking over, we have become to use it daily, hourly and in some cases we are probably using some form of technology for most of the minutes in our day. I find myself relying on technology to communicate with people I don’t see regularly, I rely on it to keep me up to date with news and goings on and even crazier this total book lover uses it to read from. I’ve created a little list of the basics that I am using more and more in my everyday life.

Battery Pack. We’ve got a range of these in the house but I was given this larger one for Christmas a couple of years ago. It holds plenty of charge so works well for my phone or camera when I’m away for a short stay away.

Phone Charger. For when we are back at the hotel and can use their charging points and it helps to save the battery pack for when we are out during the day.

Camera. Yes our phones have cameras but I like to switch it up every now and again and take a wider shot or this camera has a great vlogging screen, you know, for future reference.

Phone. Camera to get those quick snaps/communication for when I get lost on the way back from the loo/maps for when I get lost in general/messages for when I’m lost and can’t talk in public/video for entertainment when I’m waiting for hubby to come find me because I’m lost/ you get the idea

Watch. They aren’t just for telling the time these days are they? My Apple Watch was a birthday present from my husband and I love it. Answering calls and making sure I never miss one has become easier, especially when I’m at work away from my phone. It logs my movement activity without me pressing anything and is good for logging dedicated exercise, great for when I’m doing the Parkrun.

The Kindle. Because there isn’t another way I can carry multiple books, I would end up paying for another suitcase.

Charger cables. With all of this tech I have to make sure I’ve got the correct charging cables for each device and a plug or two.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t travel with this much ALL THE TIME but on longer holidays where we’ll have a bit of downtime in the room it’s nice to have a few books to read, pictures to go through and the rest of it.

Is there anything you would add?

Until next time,

L x

Mia in her dog friendly bed and breakfast in the Lake District

Dog Holidays – Accommodation


We have had our chocolate Labrador Mia for nearly 5 years, she’ll turn 5 years old in July and we were able to bring her home in September, coincidentally on my birthday. Side note: I picked up a new car the year after so Mr LB had a lot to live up to after that! In that time she has made us completely happy (even during the nibbling phase but more on that later).

In the last three years my best friend and her husband decided it was time for them to get a pooch too and we’ve recently been organising and taking dog holidays together. There’s nothing extremely special about these trips, they’re simply holidays but with dogs. I know crazy right. The thing is there are differences and quite a few things to think about when planning – and also whilst you’re away – and some of those things only became apparent when you’ve done them. I have decided to put some of these thoughts together on different topics and hopefully remember some of my own tips for next time!

Does the accommodation allow dogs?

A basic question but having been on both sides as customer and working at hotel/holiday sites it’s not always quite so straightforward. There are many hotels that don’t allow dogs at all and some that do but only in certain bedrooms.

1. Size of the room – a couple of times we’ve found they may be bigger rooms as there’s a pooch too. A little bit more floor space goes a long way when you’re two becomes a three and one of those three has four legs.

2. Some hotels charge extra. We’ve seen anything from ‘no extra fees for dogs’ to £15 per night to £30 per room to extra cleaning fees if need be. No one is going to enjoy extra charges they weren’t aware of so it’s best to find out before booking.

3. They’re quite often ground floor rooms. The best ones are close to an exit to take your dog out without causing too much disturbance and going right through the hotel. Muddy paws and all.

4. Doggy common areas. Can you take your dog to breakfast? Can you take your dog in the bar/restaurant areas? Can you leave your dog in your room whilst you eat? These are all questions to ask when booking accommodation and vary from each place. We’ve had times where we have had to pop Mia in the car whilst we ate breakfast and others where she was able to stay in the room. Times where she could sit in the bar area where we were served food but couldn’t go in the main restaurant, it changes so I’ll always check out the policy.

5. Does the accommodation supply anything? The great hotels/b&b’s that we’ve stayed at always prepare a little extra something in your room. We’ve previously had bowls, beds, treats, mats, towels and even a Kong tennis ball before on arrival. It’s a lovely gesture to see thoughtful additions and makes it a lot easier if you’ve forgotten bits or saves packing them if you know they’re already there.

We put these into practice when we stayed in the Lake District and even camping.

Until next time,

L x


Why I’m travelling more this year


Have you ever heard the saying “face your fear and do it anyway”? Well that is pretty much what this is. At the age of 20/21 I wanted to be an air hostess. I wanted to travel and took a couple of flights on my own when I was younger. There was no fear and looking back I thought the world was mine and mine alone. As I grew the world became bigger. People became scarier and flying became all but impossible. This all begs the question, “so why am I travelling more this year?” You know, if I don’t actually like it that much. What I do enjoy is seeing different countries, destinations and having the opportunity to experience something new.

More often than not to get to different places you need to travel and this can include flights. As the years went on I became more and more fearful of flying. From flying on my own twice before and making it an exciting experience I did a 180 and slowly started to hate it, even crying on take off on one occasion and absolutely having to sit next to my husband each time we have been away.

This brings me on to the fact that I also travel for my husband. He’s the type of man that would pack a bag and go explore the mountains in a far off country without a worry (until he wanted snacks) and I would love to be that brave. I want to be ok with that kind of feeling and not worry that everything will go wrong but to have the confidence in myself that I was capable of this. My husband wants to travel and I want to experience these new things together.

I’m nearly 30. I know, I know 30 is by no means old or even getting there but heading into my third decade, along with having the opportunity and means to go venture out of my comfort zone is giving me the push I need right now. I dont want to get another 10-20-30 years down the line and wish I had done a certain thing or visited a certain place whilst I could.

Travelling is also a lot cheaper than I have always thought. Yes I completely understand the need to save and budget in areas of our everyday life but with the ability to do this along with booking in as much advance as we can there are do-able ventures out there at a low cost. Recently I have seen flights just coming onto the market at £30 and eurostar trains at £29, to us that means we could visit another country for the same price as a date night at the cinema and a meal after.

Exploring also doesn’t mean we have to go abroad. It could mean we get in the car and drive a couple of hours to a different city. There is still so much of the UK we haven’t seen and so much that is worth seeing. A nights stay could be as luxurious as a fancy spa hotel or we do own a tent! You get the idea, we don’t have to go far to see something new.

I think that has covered most of why I am travelling more this year. It’s like a new year resolution (or word of the year: Intention) and I am so excited to start, the plans start at the end of January so keep your eyes peeled and visit me on Instagram for more of my travels.

Until next time,

L x