3 Disney ‘Souvenirs’ We’re Picking Up In 2023

When I say souvenirs I don’t mean this in the classic sense. Not the usual type of souvenirs that proudly get displayed in the glass cabinet when you get home and not the pin badges we could spend hours looking at. I’d say these souvenirs are more by-products of another activity, let’s get into it.

Resort Mugs. We didn’t get them on our last trip but I’m determined to get one this time as we’re planning on spending more time at our resort and they’ll be handy for grabbing that coffee before we catch the bus. Or the one we grab in the afternoon before we head back to park for the fireworks. Or that coffee we’ll grab on our 8th morning after we said we’d do rope drop and the fireworks and all the rides and two parks in one day… that coffee.

We picked up a popcorn bucket last time but sadly lost it on the way home!

Gift Cards. I want to get a gift card to spend for snacks and drinks and will definitely be keeping this as a cute souvenir too. I’ve seen some Flower and Garden 2023 versions that I would love to keep as a little keepsake from our trip.

Our trip to Tusker House also came with a postcard from Mickey & Friends that we saved for the scrapbook. Love little extras like this that add to the memories!

A Flower & Garden Passport. Available in EPCOT, I think this will be a great low cost activity and souvenir for us when we want a more relaxed park day. Maybe we can have a little amble, grab some snacks and take in the scenery as we go round checking things off our passport.

What other useful souvenirs do you think we could we get on our next Disney trip?

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