Booking and Planning Our Next Disney Trip

I think it’s safe to say that I am super excited for our next Disney holiday. This time we are visiting Disneyland Paris during their Christmas celebrations, something I have never done before but it’s definitely been on my list.

Initially we were planning a trip with friends to Disney World in Florida however things changed and evolved as they often do and instead we found ourselves looking at a completely different season, one much closer in time in fact than the Summer break we were looking at!

As you know if you’ve been reading my blog for a while I’m always on the lookout for a bargain and a short break or trip is no different. The Christmas season isn’t the cheapest anyway which is understandable but I managed to find an offer for £923 on Attraction Tickets. A package that included hotel and tickets with €25 Disney credit too. We booked our Disney Florida tickets from here too in May 2022 so was confident to book our stay through them this time.

Disney Holiday Planning
Planning our WDW stay and a couple of pins from DLP, one from their opening of Walt Disney Studios in 2002!

We are taking the Eurostar and all I can say here is booking in advance helps as the price continued to rise. Recently I’ve learned that they’re looking to stop the direct Eurostar into Disneyland Paris in 2023 so holiday makers will be going via another station first. I believe from the UK that Lille and Paris are the most common changeovers.

Of course we’re taking our daughter and with her being a little older since our Florida trip I’m looking forward to seeing her take in the experience this time round and looking forward to what will be the same and different on our next visit.

We haven’t set a budget for food and merchandise but there are a few restaurants that look really good from what I’ve seen. I watch a lot of Disney World Florida vlogs so I think I might have to brush up on some knowledge about where to go and what are the must do’s in Disneyland Paris.

The Disneyland Paris castle on their 10th Anniversary on one of our previous family trips

If you’ve got any recommendations on food or rides or general tips let me know. The last time we went was for the day in 2014 so I know A LOT will have changed since then!

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